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We provide end to end IT Infrastructure solutions, services, products and training.

As a trusted IT Infrastructure Consultancy and solution provider in India, our aim is to ensure that your IT Investments help you to meet your business objectives in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our IT Consultancy will provide you with custom tailored advice on finding the right technology and solutions that you may require at your business, helping you make the right decisions whilst keeping you informed about any potential risks and pitfalls. Our highly competent team will ensure that you understand the options available and their relative merits before finalizing your IT investments.

Your investment in technology can only be justified if it is delivering business benefits along with competitive advantage.

why choose us ?

It is not just about technology; it is a critical business strategy that we follow to ensure the most intelligent IT infrastructure investments.

Single Point of Accountability

At Cezentech, each customer is assigned with a dedicated IT Consultant who pays exclusive attention to their needs. However, the Customer can escalate concerns at any time to the next level manager on phone or email. In normal course, unsolved issues are automatically escalated to the respective Senior Manager within 24 hours after the ticket being raised. Unsolved and escalated issues beyond 2 days are under constant review and follow up by the top management.

Upon written authorization, on behalf of you, we'll deal with your Internet service provider, telephone system vendor, mobile communication provider, server/workstation warranty provider etc. – Ideally we would like to be your single point of contact for anything related to IT.

Efficient Communication

We value the time of our clients, hence we are committed to ensure most immediate and efficient response to their requests.

As and when issues arise, our engineers are trained to offer immediate assistance via Remote Desktop Support. Hence, the less complicated issues can be resolved remotely with a turnaround time of less than 30 minutes. While dealing with more complicated issues, our engineers can typically reach your office, as early as we possibly can, so that such issues are addressed on the same day itself. However, for every escalated case, our Research and Development team will directly coordinate with the senior engineers who will have already reached on site for advanced troubleshooting.

Reliability and Quality Service

We value our customers’ convenience and provide maximum data security, full compliance with our commitments, 24/7 availability and fast response.

Cezentech specialists comply with strict quality control (ISO 9001) and security regulations to provide the utmost level of data protection and service quality, which is the fundamental right of our customers.


Since we have no existence without our patron customers, we have always been making proactive plans to meet all your IT requirements with the most efficient and cost effective Solutions.

Since we are highly motivated about the guidance and support received from our clients, we are always ready to innovate solutions to cater any custom case that might require unique solutions.

Honesty and Respect

We strongly recommend you to consider our historical association with the nation’s leading defense organizations and other strategic partners. Our core asset is our customers and the reputation we earn with them.

Easy Budgeting

Predictable financial planning for your IT investments can be ensured through Fixed-fee Service Agreements with our managed service packages and annual contracts. If we are taking the risk with a comprehensive AMC, even if there is an irreparable hardware failure, you will have zero expenses beyond the annual subscription.

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